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Artist Makes Large Portraits from Wine Corks


A very talented artist managed to draw a beautiful portrait using nothing but repurposed wine corks. Scott Gundersen from Chicago gathers and stores wine corks in his studio, where one can observe thousands of examples of corks boasting hundreds of colors and shades.

It would be interesting to note that the corks are accurately separated by tone and color.

The first step in making a portrait involves taking a large photograph of the artist's subject. Then Gundersen uses the picture as a reference to draw the face of the subject with a pencil on a larger paper format.

As soon as the artist finished the shading and contouring, he starts the next phase - enriching the portrait with corks. Because the corks are divided according to their tone, the artist is able to quickly determine the corks he intends to use in a certain location of the portrait - the face features lighter corks, the neck and hair somewhat darker tones.

One of his latest works is a huge portrait of "Grace" that measures 96 x 66 inches. It took the artist 50 hours and 9,217 corks to make it.

It is worth mentioning that through his works Gundersen wants to focus people's attention to the importance of recycling.

[via Freshome]

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