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Postal Clerk in Britain Wins Record Jackpot


A postal clerk has become one of the richest women in Great Britain, having won 35.4-million-pound jackpot on the lottery. The woman has suddenly become richer than Princes William and Harry, with their personal wealth of 34 million pounds each, and Wayne Rooney, with 30 million pounds.

The lucky winner, Angela Cunningham is 42. She works as a clerical assistant and earns 22,000 pounds a year. Angela and her 14-year-old son live in an ex-council flat. The biggest-ever winner in Britain drives an old Fiat. Lottery operator will officially declare her the biggest-ever winner in Britain at a special press conference in Falkirk on Wednesday, August 15.

The lottery has already paid out the 35,425,412-pound cheque. It would earn Angela an amazing annual interest of 2.23 million pounds, or 181,000 pounds monthly, if she put the money in a high-interest account.

Last night there have already appeared reports that the richest woman of Britain quited her job and was going to move to Italy to start a new life. According to the winner's friends, Angela is rather a down-to-earth person. She used to get up at 6am every day and drive to work at the Royal Mail. She would spend nights out with her friends, and watching TV shows.

It took Angela Cunningham three days to check her winning ticket. Yesterday, her colleagues at Glasgow's Royal Mail's Springburn sorting office told the story about how Angela asked them to check the ticket a few times before she finally realized it was the winning one.

Miss Cunningham has been working the administration department since she divorced from her husband Gerard Kelly, a postal worker.

The previously registered record jackpot won by a UK lottery winner was the 22.5 million pounds in 1995.

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