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Probably the Craziest Water Park on the Planet Built in China


The famous Water Cube, which was built for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, has been redesigned and turned into a wacky water park.

Now the structure is called the National Aquatics Center and it was designed by the Toronto-based Forrec.

The park includes several slides, some of which are up to 7-stories high. The names of the slides are rather terrifying - Aqualoop, Bullet Bowl, and Speed Slides. In addition, the water park features a giant jellyfish hanging from the ceiling.

Visitors will also have the possibility to try whirlpools and rides, called "deep-sea tornadoes", as well as huge rainbow-colored funnels.

The Water Cube truly gained another life that is probably sunnier than its previous one. The L.A. Times mentioned that after the Olympic Games ended, the Center had been used almost non-stop.

Some people leased the building for weddings, some for corporate galas and once the Water Cube housed was the place where visitors were able to view the performance of Swan Lake by the Imperial Russian Ballet, reports FastCoDesign.

According to Agence France-Presse, the entrance fee is now 200 yuan for adults and 160 yuan for children, which is rather expensive for local people whose minimum wage is 960 yuan.

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