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Beautiful, Accurate Replica of the White House Put Up for Sale


This is an accurate scaled-down replica of the famous White House, which comes with an Oval Office, Lincoln Bedroom and the popular white facade.

The 16,500 square feet house is located in the suburban backyard in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and it is currently owned by Fred Milan. However, the owner decided to put the house up for sale after being affected by the crisis that occurred in the housing market of the U.S.

One can purchase the beautiful replica of the White House for $10 million. According to the Atlanta Journal, Mr. Milani he doesn't want to sell the house, but the decision was made and the house will eventually be sold.

"I am not very political. The architect just asked, 'How about I build you the White House?' and I said yes. That is the whole story," said the American-Iranian property developer. Some neighbors see the replica as something excessive, while others are happy to have a White House in the neighborhood. But due to a high level of interest among tourists, people living next to the house feel irritated with the large number of visitors gathering to see the replica and taking pictures.

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