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A 10-month-old Boy Becomes a Rightful Firearm Owner


In Chicago, Illinois, a father of a 10-month-old boy applied for a gun permit not for himself but for the baby. Strange as it may seem, the baby named Howard David Ludwig received an identification card of a firearm owner.

All the baby's father had to do was to pay the $5 fee and fill out the application. In fact, the baby's father did not expect his application would be approved. He applied for the card after the baby's grandpa presented the boy with a 12-gauge Beretta shotgun.

The identification card lists the height and weight of the baby - 2 feet, 3 inches and 20 pounds respectively. Even the signature was not a big problem – there is the baby's scribble in the signature column.

All Illinois residents who are going to acquire firearms or ammunition within the state are required to apply for the identification card. As stated by Illinois officials, there is no age limitation on the cards.

The application process is managed by Illinois State Police. The strict control over the process is necessary for keeping firearms out of the possession of convicted criminals, those convicted of home violence and those under an order of protection.

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