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Road Hogs: Is it Speed, Size or Life that Matters?


Are you the one who thinks that speeding is cool and macho? Be aware: new ads in Australia suggest the desire to be a speed-merchant is a way to compensate for a modest size of one's manhood.

The latest anti-speeding campaign have questioned the size of manhood of young Australian men addicted to speed-driving. In the new television ads a young man roars past some ladies who look scornfully to their friends wiggling their little fingers. With this mocking gesture the ladies make it clear they believe the road hog compensates for his inadequate manhood.

The ads that counter the idea that speeding is cool belong to the New South Wales state Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). The creators of "Speeding: No one thinks big of you" campaign are sure they have come up with a new unconventional way to cut road deaths. The campaign is aimed to catch attention of young men aged 17-25, the life period when men most often rush into extremes.

You will usually see anti-speeding ads showing the scenes of terrible injuries and deaths caused by speeding. Yet, such ads turn out to be not really effective as more and more young guys simply reject the message, having assumed an 'it won't happen to me' attitude. Meanwhile, according to the RTA, speeding is a factor in about 40 per cent of road deaths in New South Wales, annually causing deaths of over 220 people.

The new campaign is shown on television, in movie-theaters, on bus-stop posters. The campaigners have also introduced an internet ad offering speed-merchants an "xtra xtra small" condom.

RTA spokesperson John Whelan admitted the ads may trigger controversial reactions, still all the campaigners try to do is to get the message through.

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