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Robot Conducts a Japanese Couple's Wedding


Recently a Japanese couple had their wedding conducted by a robot. A company named Kokoro developed the I-Fairy to lead the ceremony.

The wedding took place in Tokyo's Hibiya Park and about 50 guests attended it.

This was the world's first wedding conducted by a machine and it would've sound weird unless there was a good explanation for such a decision - the 36-year-old bride Satoko Inoue is in fact one of the employees at Kokoro and her 42-year-old husband teaches robotics at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

Throughout the whole ceremony the 1.5-meters tall robot moved its arms and gave instructions such as "You can lift the bride's veil now." It is worth mentioning that the I-Fairy was remotely-controlled by one of the couple's friends, who stood in the background, reports CrunchGear.

Today the Japanese company Kokoro, which became famous after unveiling its realistic humanoids, sells its robot to anyone wishing to have a machine conducting the wedding. The I-Fairy can be acquired for $68,000.

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