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Roller Coaster Walkway Offers Beautiful Views of the German Countryside


A very interesting attraction has recently been presented in the city of Duisburg, Germany.

Called "Crouching Tiger and Turtle, Magic Mountain" the 69-foot tall structure resembles a roller coaster, which was, however, made not for riding a cart but rather for walking and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the countryside.

The sculpture is a fusion of art, fun and craziness; and from its top people can observe the nice landscape around them.

It took about 8 weeks to assemble the structure. The authors of this incredible work are sculptors Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter.

It would be interesting to note that the roller coaster walkway was built on top of a former zinc production site and the structure itself is made of steel and zinc.

[via Kuriositas]

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