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Russia's Internet Award Was Given Away

Russia has its own to celebrate the best of the best in the sphere of the Internet. The most important award in the Russia Internet is called "ROTOR" This award is being presented by over 500 Internet activists, who have joined into an international union, called "EZHE" (from the Russian word "ezh" - hedgehog). The award has become a yearly event since 1999. This year's contest had 2 rounds: in the period from 19 to 23 March the jury has elected the nominees and has also named the finalists in each category. The winners were selected, respectively, in the second round of the contest. The "ROTOR-2007" Award had over 25 categories, where one web site or person has taken its, his or her prize. Here are the most important nomination of the Russian Internet Award:
  • Web-Discovery of the year - awarded to the Russian Digg clone - www.habrhabr.ru;
  • Web-Journalist of the year;
  • Web-Producer of the year;
  • Web-Man of the year;
  • Web-Editor of the year;
  • Web-Event of the year - taken by the web-conference of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin;
  • Informational site of the year;
  • Web-Researcher of the year - taken by three men, who analyzed the Russian blogosphere;
  • Web-Design of the year;
  • IT and Communication Site of the year;
  • Internet Service of the year (as a matter of fact - Google's Gmail);
  • Blog of the year;
  • Interest Site of the year - won by a site dedicated to classic music;
  • Science Site of the year;
  • Literature Site of the year;
  • Best Music Site of the year;
  • Best Cinema Site of the year;
  • Art Site of the year;
  • Best Humor Page;
  • Corporate Page of the Year;
  • Archive of the year;
  • Best E-library;
  • Best Personal Page;
  • Influence on the Offline Life;
  • Disappointment of the Year.

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