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Russia to Built Siberia-North America Railway and Tunnel Crossing the Bering Strait


The Russian Government has announced one of the most incredible infrastructure projects in the world - it plans to construct a transcontinental railway that will connect Siberia and North America (Alaska to be precise).

The structure would cross the Bering Strait, with a special 65-miles-long tunnel to be built under the Big Diomede and Little Diomede islands found in the Bering Strait. The length of this tunnel will be more than twice the length of the Chunnel Tunnel that links England and France. It will be constructed in three sections and would traverse the International Date Line, linking two land masses.

While the cost of this structure is $10-12 billion, the whole project that would connect a railway network crossing ¾ of the Northern Hemisphere is estimated at $65 billion.

The project will allow Russia to export its raw goods to North America and at the same time help develop a renewable energy transmission hallway that provides wind and tidal power across long distances.

It is worth mentioning that the tunnel would offer a very important economic resource for both Asia and Americas. It will not only help in transportation of goods and passengers by also provide a link of fiber optic cables and transmission lines.

Both the high speed railway and tunnel are going to represent a private public partnership the economic force of which will be staggering. Each year 100 million tons of freight could be transported and the proposed tidal power plants could offer 10 gigawatts of renewable energy. In addition, clean power will also be generated by a series of wind power fields. It would take about 15 years to finish the tunnel, reports Times Online.

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