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Russian Man Builds the Tallest Wooden House in the World


Nikolai Sutyagin, a Russian gangster, is the author of the world's tallest wooden house that is about half the size of Big Ben.

The 144-feel tall structure can be viewed in the city of Arkhangelsk, located in the northwest Russia. Initially Nikolai wanted to erect a 2 storey building, but in the end he created a structure with 13 floors. It is worth mentioning that Sutyagin started the construction back in 1992.

"First I added three floors but then the house looked ungainly, like a mushroom. So I added another and it still didn't look right so I kept going. What you see today is a happy accident," explains Sutyagin.

In fact the man added a 5-storey bath house in the garden and had the goal of carrying on with the construction, but in 1998 he was sent to jail for 4 years.

Despite the fact that he is now free, Sutyagin still hasn't managed to finish his wooden home. Together with his wife Lena he lives in four drafty rooms in an old house, informs The Telegraph.

Neighbors continuously complain about the house, calling it a monstrosity and threatening to tear it down. They fear that because such a big house is made of wood it catch easily catch fire, which could burn down the entire neighborhood. However, so far Sutyagin conducts tours around creation.

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