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Sarah Palin is Distantly Related to Princess Diana and Roosevelt


The recent genealogy analysis revealed that republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is related to Princess Diana and 32nd US President Franklin Roosevelt.

Palin and princess Diana were found to be tenth cousins, and also ninth cousins with Roosevelt, according to the data of, an online genealogy resource.

The governor of Alaska and princess Diana have common ancestors John Strong and his wife Abigail Ford. Strong, who was born in 1605, had roots in England and later moved to the United States.

Sarah Palin and Roosevelt are related by John Lothrop, who also originated from England in 1584 and emigrated in the United States. According to the genealogical data, John Lothrop was a Puritan Presbyterian minister who came to Massachusetts colony.

There have been several surprising genealogical links found between famous people. Last year, vice president's wife Lynne Cheney found out that her husband Dick Cheney and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama are distant cousins. Another study discovered that Democratic presidential nominee Obama is related to Brad Pitt.


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