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Saying I Love You is Worth Exactly J163,424


Researchers found that love is worth exactly J163,424 (approx. $269,730). The figure comes as a result of a study carried out by BrainJuicer, a company that asked 1,000 British people to rate 50 different life events they consider to be important and then compared the results of the poll to the pleasure people receive from lottery wins.

Scientists then came up with a new monetary value making use of a rating system for the things that make people happy. For example, the most precious in life is obviously health, which was found to be worth J180,105 (approx. $297,260) and the three magic words "I love you" were found to be worth J163,424 (approx. $269,820), coming second, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The researches conducted the study for a book called "You Are Really Rich, You Just Don't Know It Yet". The study says that a stable relationship is worth J154,849 (approx.$255,620), which comes third and having a baby comes forth, being worth J123,592.

Those who still don't know they're rich, here's a list of the most valuable things:

- Spending time with your friends - J63,256;

- living in a safe and peaceful country - J129,448;

- having children - J123,592;

- having a good laugh - J105,210;

- having sex - J105,210;

- enjoying your holidays - J91,759;

- enjoying peace and quiet - J89,828;

- having pets at home -J78,640;

- reading your favorite book - J53,660;

- thinking about the weekend, while at work - J49,764;

- coming home from work in the evening - J45,328;

- consuming chocolate - J40,808;

- being cheerful at work - J37,229;

- cooking a meal - J31,947;

- supporting your favorite team - J29,100;

- playing a game - J23,475;

- going to the cinema - J21,615;

- waking up in a good mood, expecting a good day - J17,652.

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