Friday, 11 May, 2007 Offbeat

School Cleaner Took Pics of Kids in the Toilet


Children of Tasmanian school were shocked to know that they were photographed through the holes of the toilet by a school cleaner.

Adrian Alan Mayne, 31, worked as a school cleaner but seemed to take advantage of his duties after it was found that he took pictures of schoolgirls and female teachers in the toilet. He made a large hole on the floor of the toilet and hid the camera in it to make photos of the intimate parts of the children . More than 90 images were later superimposed on the photos depicting sexual activity to make adult pictures.

He was also known to browse internet for children porn pictures.

Justice Peter Evans of the Supreme Court of Tasmania pleaded the man guilty of indecency, production and possession of child exploitation material and sentenced Mayne for four months imprisonment. He also will be placed in sexual offender's register for 10 years.

The children and their families are outraged at Mayne's behavior and many of them feel stressed and scared. Some children are afraid to use toilet and others have sleep disorders.

Tasmania's Department of Education ordered to check all the school toilets to prevent the shameful situation. Department also provided support to school staff, children and their families.

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