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School Runs - Danger Warning


Study shows that during the last five years over 460,000 car accidents took place to British parents while taking their children on the school run. About 115,000 parents were not informed about the requirements of seat restraints for children in vehicles.

Sainsbury's Bank has conducted the survey that showed that there are more than 5 million parents driving their children to school between 8.30 and 9 AM, which is the busiest traffic time.

The head of car insurance bank and one of the researchers, Steve Johnson said that while conducting this poll it was revealed that 25% of parents admitted not to fasten their children's seat belts properly. The short route, which is taken five times a week, becomes very familiar both to children and their parents. This makes the parents feel a false confidence and unable to predict and see potential dangers on the short, routine school runs.

Mr. Johnson added that all parents should not treat the short school runs as absolutely safe and should take extra care about the children's (and their own) seat belts and boosters regardless of familiarity and length of the road.

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