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Serial Rapist Who Saw Himself as Porn Star Could Face 1,000 Years' Jail


A serial rapist was pleaded guilty to 25 cases of rape and 61 cases of sex offence against 11 women in the period between 1991 and 2006. A court was heard that Australian Glen Iris chef John Xydias saw himself as a porn star when he raped his unconscious victims while filming the assault.

After the police found a number of hidden sex tapes, the offender has made, Xydias confessed to the committed crimes. Four of the filmed victims were not identified.

According to Remy van de Wiel, QC, for John Xydias, the sex assaults were "very technical" and the behavior of the 44-year old rapist was "bizarre".

Mr van de Wiel told the Supreme Court that it was possible Xydias had "a display for the purposes of the camera" and probably the man "saw himself as some sort of porn star".

"It seems as if the object of desire is to create something to put on the camera," outlined Mr van de Wiel.

Michele Williams, crown prosecutor, reported that one of the man's victims said that the footage where he raped her was the "most horrific and terrifying moment of my life".

Ms Williams stated that the sex offender carried on blaming his victims, who had lost their trust in people after they learned of the assaults up to 10 years after they happened. According to Ms Williams, watching the footages had like enduring the physical trauma of the assault.

"They're being raped while they're watching that video," she said.

Mr van de Wiel denied the fact that Xydias was the one who drugged the victims, who looked like "rag dolls" in the videos. During the police interrogation Xydias said that his victims gave permission to him to do "whatever you want".

"They trusted me and they knew I wouldn't hurt them in any way," Xydias told police.

Despite the fact that the man fully confessed of his crimes, Xydias showed little regret, Ms Williams said.

"This offending is degrading, it is humiliating, it is ... treating these women as mere objects that he could and did sexually abuse at will," she said.

As each of the 86 charges were read, Xydias continuously answered on each charge "guilty, your honor".

It's worth mentioning that the maximum sentence for rape is 25 years and the sentence for sex assault reaches 10 years.

According to Ms Williams, one of the man's girlfriends was sexually assaulted 41 times, being unaware of the attack until she was shown the tapes by police. Ms Williams said that the 39-year-old woman refused to continue watch the footage where she was assaulted while unconscious.

The recordings showed that before raping Xydias placed his victims in different positions and dressed them in his personal collection of female underwear.

Ms Williams said that when victims stirred during the assaults, Xydias would cover them with bedclothes and instantly turn off the light.

"These women are out of it, completely out of it," she said.

Xydias told the court that his first victim was aware of what he was doing and she was drug affected all the time.

"This is like a very, very bad time in my life ... it just brings back bad memories for me," Ms Williams quoted Xydias as saying to the police after being shown the recordings.

The prosecution told the Supreme Court that there was no justification for the crimes committed by Xydias.

The court was told that the man rendered women unconscious. However, this fact could not be confirmed. Ms Williams mentioned that the "level of unconsciousness ... meant he had rendered them unconscious in some way". But according to Xydias, his victims were whether drunk or drugged when he found them.

"She was still awake, she was just lying on the bed with her eyes closed," he said of one victim.

The court's hearing before Chief Justice Marilyn Warren continues and the man may face 1,000 years in jail.

Source: The Age

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