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Mother Is Looking for Women Willing to Have Sex with Her Son Who Has Down's Syndrome


A mother of a 21-year-old man Otto Baxter, who has Down's syndrome, wants her son to live a fully rounded life, and that includes physical experience. She even wants her son to find the love of his life.

This is the reason why she is now calls for women to come and visit Otto and help him "enjoy the same experiences as other men of his age". Lucy Baxter from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, says she is even ready to pay for a prostitute for her adopted Otto. She also hopes that one day Otto would become a father, though she is aware of the consequences.

Miss Baxter says: "Society has a learning disability when it comes to Down's syndrome. Why should these people be kept separate and pigeon-holed when they have the same emotions, desires and feelings as so-called normal people?"

She added that she always told her son that he is like everybody else and that's why she would feel really bad if Otto doesn't get a girlfriend. It is worth mentioning that Miss Baxter currently works for the mental health charity Mencap. She fights for the rights of people with Down's syndrome.

Although she has never married, Miss Baxter has 3 adopted sons: James, 27, who is the eldest, Titus, 14 and 7-year-old Raphael. All of them have Down's syndrome. She managed to help her eldest son to create a page on one of the social networking websites so he could invite potential partners who are willing to come forward for him.

"I'd like all my boys to find love and enjoy sex. I would have no problem paying for Otto to go to Amsterdam to visit a brothel if that's what he wanted," said Miss Baxter.

The 21-year-old young man is an aspiring actor. He played in local stage version of Macbeth and The Canterbury Tales. For three years he attempted to find a partner and then he asked his mother for help. Otto says that the ideal woman for him is television and radio presenter Fearne Cotton.

"I'm on a mission to find a girlfriend. My reason is I want to have sex. I'm looking for girlfriends everywhere," said Otto.

Miss Baxter says she always encourages Otto to go to nightclubs and other places where men usually pick women. She added that she also found several dating agencies that her son might like to join, reports Daily Mail.

"He has always been to mainstream school and mixed with everybody. I would like to see him with a girlfriend," she said adding that she would like to see Otto with a girl who doesn't have Down's syndrome. Miss Baxter also hopes one day to become a grandmother. "It's another experience everyone else goes through so why not him?" She is aware that there will be a lot of controversial opinions if a girl gets pregnant from Otto.

Miss Baxter hopes that her eldest son James would also lose virginity, but he is less outgoing, which is why she takes radical steps with Otto.

According to Carol Boys of the Down's Syndrome Association, a lot of people with Down's syndrome managed to find a partner and some of them even got married.

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