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Shelley Miller and Her Sweet Historical Murals Created From Sugar


Shelley Miller is an artist who works in Montreal and who came up with a new type of street art that involves the use of sugar in creating wall paintings.

The method that the artist uses looks more like a frosting tube and tip. She has already managed to create several colorful murals around the world. The only thing that could ruin the fragile works is the rain.

By making use of sugar cake icing, Miller manages to reproduce the illustrations of historical Portuguese tiles, azulejo ceramic tiles, and even street art. At the same time Miller wants to illustrate in her works the history of sugar industry and its evolution.

It would be interesting to note that the artist was greatly inspired by calligraphy, arabesques, ancient mosaics, mosque architecture, temples, and textile design.

For a project that she plans to complete in Brazil, Miller decorated a number of decaying buildings with faux-Portuguese tiles. It is worth mentioning that Brazil was once the leading nation in terms of sugar production, but today the country faces high level of poverty in several areas where sugar is now considered luxury, which is why children often break off the samples of her installations.

Some of Miller's works were installed in a number of ports that were related to the sugar industry, including ports in Brazil, Victoria, BC, and Montreal.

[via Shelley Miller]

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