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Simple Lexicon Guide for Users Browsing Japanese Adult Websites


Did you know that a Japanese adult website can be really challenging even for a non-Japanese who speaks the language fluently? Puns, incomprehensible language and complicated phrases are just part of the world of words you can find at a Japanese website for adults. Luckily, The Tokyo Reporter managed to find a source that offered a simple guide to a list of adult terms used on Japanese adult sites. Words are listed in alphabetical order.

Chikuchira - a word that is short for "chikubi chirari", which means "glimpse of nipples". If you find this word it means that you are about to see pictures of dressed women that show parts of their breasts. The word is related to the Japanese word "panchira", which means pictures revealing panties. On adult websites in Japan the word "nipple" is sometimes jokingly written out as "chiku-B", which means "district B" or "B-chiku", which is literary translated as "B storage". You may also want to see the term "Ooguro".

Esu Efu (SF) - short for "sefure", meaning "sex friend", which refers to sex without love.

Fue - this word is literally translated as "flute", but its real meaning is "fellatio". Sometimes fellatio is Japanese is shortened to "fera". You may also find such terms as "Ferrari" and "shaku". These words, however, are not very common. "Shaku" is short for "shakuhachi", which is a Japanese bamboo flute.

Imadori - this word can be translated as "shot right now", which refers to the use of a mobile phone camera to take and submit scenes during, or right after, sex in real time.

Jidori - local chicken is the literal translation, but on adult websites the term refers to pictures of oneself naked taken using a mobile phone camera. You may also want to see the term "Miraa".

Kao-man - this term the Japanese use to describe a picture of a woman who shows her face, "kao", as well as her mons pubis, "manko". Some words that can be related to this term are "kao jiri", which is translated as "made from face and buttocks", and "kao pai", which means "face and breasts".

Machikado - these are candid shots that in most cases include parts of women's bodies. These shots are often taken on street corners during the day.

Miraa - literally translated as "mirror" and referring to taking pictures of oneself or someone's reflection in a full-length mirror. Thus one captures more than a camera can capture when held at the length of the arm.

Moro - this is short for "moro ni mieru", which means "completely visible", referring to photographs without any mosaic or masking. The word can be applied to other terms, including "moro pan" (in the case of panties) and "moro-chichi" (breasts).

Nekomi - a picture of a nude woman who is sleeping after sex and who is unaware she is being photographed.

Ni - a shortened variant of the word "onani", which means "masturbation". On adult websites the term is made into a suffix referring to the name of a Japanese female model who is currently being watched, for example Yuko ni.

Ooguro - meaning large, dark colored nipples. On sites it is used to describe images of pregnant women. A peek of pink nipples some websites call "sakura chiari", meaning "a glimpse of cherry blossoms".

Pansen - it refers to the edges of panties that one can see through outer garment. The word is composed of "panty" and the Japanese word "sen", which means "line".

Pochi - protuberant, used mainly to describe nipples that protrude when a woman wears no bra or through wet clothes.

Rou - an image of butt crack exposed by a woman when she wears low-rise jeans. The word could also be a short form of "panties shot from a low angle."

Sakas - translated as "upside down". The word refers to a picture taken up a woman's skirt. Often the term is preceded by words that refer to the type of workplace, for example "kangofu sakasa" - upskirt shots of a nurse's underwear.

Sekuusu - an appealing way of "sex".

Sukajiri - this is a peek shot of panties or buttocks of a woman who wears a miniskirt. Most of such images are taken in everyday situations, for instance when a woman is shopping.

Uma - literally translated as "Horse". The word refers to a woman's position during sex. "Doggy style" on Japanese adult websites is shortened to "ushiro", which means "back" and the missionary position is "mae", meaning "front".

Via: The Tokyo Reporter .

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