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Six Chocolate Devices and Designs

Chocolate Digital Camera

Measuring 80 × 8 × 50mm, this digital camera was built in Japan and is called the Fuvi Chocolate. The device was made in the form of a chocolate bar and wears a price tag of 2,730 yen ($32). Those who love sweets have the possibility to acquire the device in white, strawberry and/or milk chocolate color (though it sounds tasty, the camera is not edible).

The gadget boasts a chocolate-type sensor and a 30cm fixed lens. The user can also record video with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. Fuvi also has a self-timer shooting feature. All pictures are stored in the camera's internal memory and can be transferred to a computer through a USB cable. The device is powered by a built-in battery.

Chocolate Bar USB Drive

Resembling a regular chocolate bar, this USB 2.0 Drive is compatible with Windows XP/Vista, Linux 2.4, MAC OSX or latest version. Apart from its design the gadget does not really have anything that would significantly differentiate it from other USB drives. It is easy in operation, measures approximately 59 x 20 x 11mm and weights 15g. There are three types of the Chocolate Bar USB Drive, categorized according to capacity: 2GB, 4GB and 8GB, with the former wearing a price tag of $17, the second one $22 and the latter $29.

Chocolate Calculator

This ultra-lightweight calculator looks really tasty. Some might really enjoy entering numbers using the device. Although users will not be able to eat it (just like the devices mentioned above), the developers still decided to make three variants of the calculator: Strawberry, Coffee and Dark chocolate. Each is available for $10. [via Brando]

Chocolate Mouse

Another gadget that you cannot eat, but can use and adore is this mouse that resembles an authentic bar of chocolate. Though we cannot say anything special about this device, rather than it has a beautiful design, it can still be a very good gift. The wireless chocolate mouse boasts good performance and requires two x AAA batteries to ensure that. The batteries, unfortunately, are not included.

Chocolate Keyboards

Black Chocolate Keyboard

Developed by Michael Sholk, the black chocolate keyboard looks really delicious and apart from the previously mentioned devices it can be consumed but cannot be used.

White Chocolate Keyboard

The white chocolate keyboard is edible as well. The tech geeks will be disappointed to discover that the keyboard will no be helpful in typing, since it's not a real keyboard. Nevertheless it can serve as a geeky and, why not, romantic present to a girl.

Chocolate Formula 1 Racing Car

This wonderful (and edible) life-size F2008 racing vehicle is made of 2,000kg (4,405 lbs) of chocolate. The idea to create this sweet wonder came after chocolate masters melted chocolate a year before the presentation of the racing car and began making a small version of the vehicle that was based on its small-scale model. It would be interesting to note that everything is edible, even the red coating. The presentation of the vehicle took place in Sorrento, near Naples as part of Ferrari owners' party.


Chocolate City

The nice-looking edible miniature chocolate city was presented in 2008 at the 21_21 Design Sight, a design facility built in the Tokyo Midtown complex space. Its authors are Naoko Tone and Atsuyoshi Iijima. The topic selected for the opening exhibition was chocolate and 30 designers decided to present their works made of chocolate.

Chocolate Tool Kit

This accurately crafted Belgium milk chocolate tool kit features a pair of pliers, a couple of spanners and a wrench. The chocolate tools come packed accurately in a presentation box. A Japanese outlet also sells the kits together with a couple of milk chocolate bolts.

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