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Student Turns Wikipedia Into a 5000-page Book


The popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia was turned into a book by a graphic design student Rob Matthews. The book features 5,000 pages and is 1 ft 7ins (48cm 28mm) thick. Mr. Matthews from Brighton, Sussex required two weeks to make the book that contains 437 featured articles from the online encyclopedia.

"I'm comparing the internet Wikipedia to a traditional encyclopedia by putting it in the same format. I wanted to make a comment on how everyone goes to the internet these days for information, yet it is very unreliable compared to what it has replaced," said the 22-year-old student.

He carefully picked up "featured" articles from the online encyclopedia for his book. Rob says that the articles he selected are considered to be the best articles in Wikipedia. Their accuracy is based on the "quality of their referencing, neutrality, completeness and style".

Mr. Matthews mentioned that it was rather complicated for him to produce the book. Previously on infoniac.com we wrote about a machine that can automatically publish any book by reading the information from a disk. Rob added that it was for the first time that he produced a book of such scale. The young man said that there were a lot of positive reactions to the book and that he looks forward to sell it in the near future.

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