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Study Ball to Force Kids to Study


Now there is a more harsh way to make kinds study before the exams. Parents may consider using a new gadget dubbed Study Ball that features a counting clock.

The device basically consists of ball and chain. All that is required from moms and dads is to attach the gadget to their kid's ankle and set the time they think is necessary for their kid to study. When the child studied for long enough the Study Ball unlocks.

There's a red digital display which counts down the time and when the time elapses the prison-style Study Ball beeps and unlocks. It is worth mentioning that the device weights 9.5 kg (21 pounds). Thus it's rather hard to move around the house with it.

The maximum time you can set on the ball is 4 hours. In addition, the device comes with a safety key that opens the chain. The Study Ball costs $115.36 and is available online on

The idea of creating the device came to designer Emilio Alarcon after one of his friends, who studied for a civil service exam, said that he haven't left his house in a week, and it was like being in jail.

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