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Farmer Feeds Viagra to Oysters to Create the Ultimate Aphrodisiac


A farmer from Australia believes he has developed a technique able to produce the ultimate aphrodisiac - he feeds his shellfish Viagra.

George May, who is an oyster farmer, stated that the natural qualities of the oyster combined with Viagra, which is one of the best modern pharmaceutical drug to raise sexual desire, can in fact turn into a multi-million dollar market. The 59 years old farmer mentioned that feeding an oyster with Viagra firstly can create a powerful aphrodisiac and secondly it's a funny thing to do.

George May is a former marketing executive. After he was diagnosed with prostate cancer he lost his job (in which he was quite successful). It is worth mentioning that selling oysters in Australia requires strict regulations.

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant that produces Viagra, ordered the farmer to stop using the name of the most famous anti-impotence drug in his marketing campaign. However, May outlined that not one obstacle would stop spreading his idea around the world. He plans to sell his exclusive Sydney Rock Oysters around the world.

According to May he receives calls from Macau, Hong Kong and Moscow. He mentioned that the idea of feeding oysters with the drug came to him when he started "hanging around with the boys" after his retirement and prostate surgery.

When his doctor had prescribed a rather small dose of Viagra, in order to help May recover from the surgery, the farmer thought of feeding the drug to oysters. The idea meant to help the local farmers, the majority of whom had fought a disease that swept through their crops. May told that the farmers were going to feed oysters with Viagra and zinc, along with every other aphrodisiac he was able to find.

After a while feeding the oysters with Viagra along with magnesium, zinc and sea grass became a patented idea. The shellfish was fed only after it passed through a process of purification.

Today May has about 10 million oysters in cultivation. In addition he says he eats a dozen or two each day and he has had no ill effects of consuming a foodstuff that includes some medication.

Pfizer's spokesperson said that the company producing Viagra was concerned only about the use of its brand name, and thus it is an ordinary drug issue.

"No-one can stop me feeding Viagra to my oysters. The reason that Pfizer are jumping up and down is that I used the name Viagra," May said.

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