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Survival Rooms - Saving Lives During Manmade and Natural Disasters


Designer Phil Pauley is the author of these life support systems called Survival Rooms that provide total protection inside an enclosed capsule.

The goal of the Survival Rooms, which measures 40 x 8 x 8, is to save people's lives during various disasters generated either by humans or nature. It is worth mentioning that the containers feature a reinforced steel frame and protective Bi-steel walls.

One unit can house 70 adults and/or children, including a small standing room and wheelchair access. The inhabitants can adjust their seats and protective seat bars. In addition, the headrest attachments are also adjustable.

As soon as the door closes, the lighting and life support are automatically activated. The food and water available in the container will be enough to allow a person to last for two weeks. The interior also includes a toilet and a hand basin.

Besides, the containers are equipped with atmospheric control paraphernalia that features a carbon dioxide filter, which makes use of a chemical absorbent that eliminates CO2 via a one way exhaust mechanism.

After the door is closed, the built-in computer system will immediately transmit an emergency signal to establish contact with a monitoring station. Each Survival Room includes external cameras to allow the inhabitants monitor the surrounding environment. The containers can be used not only in open areas but also incorporated into a building.

The price of one unit is around GBP300,000 (just over $483,000).

[via Tuvie]

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