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Swedish Company Owns Paedophilia Website


The well-known Swedish company made a decision to host a site that is supporting paedophilia. The site is going to be a place where paedophiles can create their personal sites.

Earlier the site was hosted by Danish company until it came to a well-known company PRQ from Sweden. The founders of the Swedish company, Fredrik Neij and Gottfried Svartholm Warg are also owners of the world-known Pirate bay site.

They claimed that they do not support the principles of paedophilia, but think that everyone has a freedom to speak. PRQ owners hosted the site for a few days already and read the content but have their own opinion about it. In spite of the fact that paedophiles often claim that they have relationships with children on mutual consent, the Swedish company‛s founders disagree but think that freedom of speech should be respected. Besides they say that having an open debate is better than hiding from the problem.

The owners wrote a statement where they said that in a situation where paedophilia is involved one should be guided by logic, freedom of speech and the law.

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