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Sweet Play - Make Your Own Chocolates Using Modular Parts


Modular systems make it possible for one to create a design, alter it and change individual parts with ease.

With this in mind Elsa Lambinet teamed up with Blondel, a chocolate manufacturer from Switzerland, to develop customizable confections consisting of different interchangeable parts.

The initiative is part of Lambinet's project at the University of art and design Lausanne (ECAL).

The project is entitled "Sweet Play" and it makes use of 3 types of chocolate - dark, milk and white, and a number of different toppings and fillings, including fruit (for dark chocolate), nuts (for milk chocolate) and various liquids (for white chocolate).

Each type has a slot for a filling such as waters, nougat, and caramel. The author of the project writes: "Participants get to mix and match ingredients for hours and hours as they gorge themselves on custom confectionery goodness."

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