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Taiwan's SolarSonic - Huge Installation that Pays Tribute to Space Exploration


This marvelous installation is called SolarSonic and it can be observed within the exterior glass canopy of the International Departure terminal in Taiwan's Taoyuan Airport.

Created by sculptor Ray King, the installation is composed of 14 discs that hang in a 100 meter-long series. Lenses were connected with the help of 20 horizontal cables.

It would be interesting to note that the work was inspired by Chinese Bi, ancient jade discs from the Neolithic period. The discs had a central opening and were used to meditate on transcending to the heavens.

The sculpture plays the role of a symbol of the nation's high-tech future. It also pays tribute to the nation's rich cultural legacy, including contemporary aeronautics and space travel.

[via Kuriositas]

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