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Teenage Girl Laughs Instead of Talking


A 13-year-old Chinese girl has a somewhat strange condition - instead of talking, she starts laughing. Her type of communication resembles a giggle. For 12 years Xu Pinghui has been laughing. It happened after she developed a fever when she was just 8-months-old. Since then the doctors have been puzzled about the girl's condition.

The parents of the teenage girl are desperate to find a treat for the strange condition, reports The Sun.

"Ever since then she has been laughing uncontrollably", said the girl's mother, Yang Longying. "There is no happiness for us. Seeing her laughing we feel even sadder than if she were crying" added Xu Weiming, Pinghui's father,.

However, recently Xu Pinghui was given hope. Doctors believe that the fever probably affected the frontal lobe of the girl's brain and they plan to perform a CT scan in order to bring light to her strange condition.

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