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Teenagers Don't Like Fine Quality Sound Anymore


The music expert from the University of Stanford, Jonathan Berger, has shared the results of his new research, which says that lately the new generation had become less demanding to the quality of music sound they listen to, reports.

Six years ago, if students were offered to listen to songs of different genres and different quality, they would choose opera recordings and jazz on CDs, or rock in MP3 with 128 kb per second. Nowadays, the tastes of the participants in the experiment are different - they are rather satisfied with low quality sound. Besides they even like the quality, claiming that they like the background noises and the frequency of the spectrum.

"iPod has practically killed music", concludes about the results of the experiment, claiming that people not only don't know what high quality audio is, but they also hate it. "Thank you for helping in killing the civilization, Apple".

Still we cannot accuse only Apple - the Chinese MP3-player producers, who release faulty players are guilty as well. The main problem of these players is the low quality of sound.

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