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Guilty of 6 month old baby murder


Dina Rodrigues, a 25 year old woman, and her four accomplices were found guilty of killing 6 month year old baby in Cape Town.

Judge Basheer Waglay declared a 150-page judgment that lasted three days, and the verdict was met with agreeable cheers. After the verdict was read out, the only words of the accused women were ”Mom,I love you”. Four men Sipho Mfazwe, 33 year old, Mongezi Bobotyane, 25, Zanethemba Gwada, 20, and Bonginkosi Sigenu, 18 faced the verdict emotionlessly.

The explanation of the crime committed by five teenagers was jealousy. Dina was in relationship with Neil Wilson, who had an illegitimate child from another woman and that became a motivation for the cruelty.

She offered R10 000 to four men and her plan was to enter the baby's home, making it look like a robbery and then kill the baby. Although the plan seemed shocking at first, all men agreed to fulfill it. They arrived at baby's home pretending they are couriers and left the parcel, then three men entered the house armed with knives. Mongezi Bobotyane stabbed the baby.

It took two years before the final verdict was told. Mrs. Rodrigues was faced with six charges and men with five, it included murder, robbery, illegal possessions of firearm. According to the final verdict Dina was accused of the murder only and although she didn't take part in it, she was pleaded equally guilty with the accomplices.

Court didn't allow the family to speak to the accused woman. A mother of the killed baby embraced her family with tears after the case was over.

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