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The 2009 Darwin Awards Given to World's Dumbest


Recently the list of winners of last year's 2009 Darwin Awards has been presented. It is worth mentioning that the Darwin Awards are given to those people who have done something incredibly stupid.

The 2009 winners of the Darwin Awards were two bank robbers from Belgium, who wanted to blow up an ATM but greatly overestimated the power of the dynamite they used. The result - they blew up the whole bank and destroyed not only the ATM by themselves as well.

The second award went to a woman from North Carolina, who stubbornly believed that it would be safe to ride home on her moped during a torrential storm. "My moped has two rubber wheels, Mom, I'll be fine," she said. During her ride home she lost control of the moped and eventually fell into a creek. The woman was lucky to be noticed by a police officer who helped her get out. But when he got back to his patrol car to call for help, the woman jumped back into the creek, allegedly to try and save her moped.

The list continues with some more laugh and cry. A man decided to take and leak. He told his friends to wait and then jumped over a low wall. The result - he fell from a height of 65 feet and ended up on a railroad, reports TG Daily.

The last Darwin Award went to a Catholic priest who became "famous" at the end of 2008, but was awarded last year. The priest attached a lot of balloons to his lawn chair and lift off into the air. Although he took his GPS with him, he was unable to use it, the battery then died and the priest soon died as well.

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