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The Archipelago Cinema - Floating Movie Theatre


The Archipelago Cinema is a beautiful floating movie theatre that opened on Kudu Island in Thailand and after a while dismantled and given away to a local village to be used as playground.

The cinema floated on the calm waters of the Nai Pi Lae lagoon. It was designed by German Architect Ole Scheeren.

The first movie at the Archipelago Cinema was shown late last month. It is worth mentioning that in order to make such a structure, it was decided to make use of techniques that fishermen use to build floating lobster farms.

On the official website of the architect he wrote about the experience of watching a movie at the floating cinema. The first step involved taking guests by boat to the movie theater.

The lagoon was surrounded by huge rocks rising from the ocean. "The audience experienced an atmospheric convergence of nature and cinematic narratives - primordial notions of light, sound and stories suspended in the darkness between sea and sky."

[via Buro Ole Scheeren]

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