Friday, 15 Oct, 2010 Offbeat

The Artistic Side of Water Droplets


Researchers decide to film the simple movements of water droplets falling and rolling on a superhydrophobic carbon nanotube surface.

The video below illustrates the droplets bouncing, sliding and rolling on different carbon nanotube surfaces.

To be able to capture the droplets, researchers Adrianus Aria and Morteza Gharib from the California Institute of Technology decided to use a high-speed camera. They used the camera at different frame rates (the rates at which the researchers captured the droplets are shown in the video).

The two scientists used a syringe pump in order to control the exact size of the filmed droplets. They also released the droplets onto the carbon nanotube surfaces with the help of a flat-tipped needle.

A diffuse halogen light was used to illuminate the droplets from behind. Thus scientists were able to show the artistic side of the fluid dynamics.

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