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The Austrian Dungeon Dad Hopes to Make His House of Horrors a Place for Tourists


The Austrian dungeon dad, Josef Fritzl, accused of raping his daughter for 24 years, while keeping her in a dungeon and fathering seven of her children, hopes to make his House of Horrors in Amstetten, Austria, a place for tourists. It is the same house where the fiend tossed the body of her daughter's baby into the furnace.

The dungeon where the man committed his crimes might also be lent out after the end of the trial. In case the house is put up for rent, it has its chances of drawing the attention of a ghoulish tenant.

"He wants to make money and he's not fussy about how. The name Fritzl is some sort of brand and he wants to maximize his opportunities," an adviser was quoted as saying.

Currently there are also talks with the 74-year-ol Fritzl regarding a book deal, which could earn over 10 million pounds.

"He claims he wants to make money for his family, but he's just clawing in as much as he can for himself," said a family source.

Source: Andhranews.net

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