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The Bay Line - Turning an Abandoned Bridge into a Linear Park


Ever since it was developed, the High Line park, designed by Rael San Fratello, a San Francisco architecture firm, gained huge popularity and now the company looks forward to do a similar renovation to the deserted east span of the Bay Bridge.

Designers from Rael San Fratello look forward to transform the abandoned area into a linear park with bicycle and pedestrian access, theatres, cinemas and museums that would allow carrying out various cultural activities. The company also hopes to build tennis courts, climbing walls, squash courts, and skate parks for everyone passionate about sports.

Besides, designers thought about enriching the whole structure with orchards, gardens, and meadows. The entire project could cost about $350 million, which could be regained over several years through rental costs as well as bridge tolls, reports Fast Company.

But according to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) representative Randy Rentschler, the east span of the bridge will not be able to resist an earthquake. However, the same thing was said about Rael San Fratello's High Line park project.

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