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The Biggest Mona Lisa in the World Presented in Shopping Center


The biggest version of the Leonardo da Vinci's most famous painting "Mona Lisa" has recently been presented at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre, located in Wrexham, a town in Wales, UK. The round painting measures 17.5 meters in diameter, covering 240 square meters and being 50 times bigger than the original masterpiece that can be seen in Louvre art gallery.

The lead artist of the project is Katy Webster. She worked together with 245 specialists from different community groups to be able to complete the work, which was finished in 987 man hours. The work required 86 liters of paint.

"It's kind of mind-blowing how big she is but the smile is still as enigmatic as ever," said Webster. She mentioned that it took a whole week to complete the face of Mona Lisa and it was the most difficult task of the entire project, since artists had to be sure each parameter is right. To paint the giant Mona Lisa, artists used acrylic paint.

It is worth mentioning that the work was painted on scores of different segments, and the most intriguing moment was assembling the picture. People can observe the amazing work standing in the balcony of the shopping center.

"Her smile changes depending on how and when you look at it. Her eyes seem to follow you wherever you're standing," said fine art graduate Jude Davies, who spent 200 hours on the project.

The project is meant to raise money for Hope House Children's Hospice which offers very important help for terminally-ill young people and their families, reports The Daily Telegraph. Anyone can buy a piece of the replica and the money will go to the Hope House. Visitors will have the possibility to observe painting for 2 years, after which the work will be broken up.

The idea to create a giant replica of Mona Lisa came to the manager of the shopping center Kevin Critchley. he said.

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