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The Capital of Kansas Renamed Into Google... Temporarily


Topeka, the capital of Kansas, will change its name to Google… temporarily. The city will be the place where the Silicon Valley giant, Google, will test its high-speeds broadband network.

According to a proclamation recently issued by the city's Mayor William Bunten, throughout the month of March, the capital of Kansan will be called "Google, Kansas - the capital city of fiber optics."

The city's official website welcomes everyone to the City of Google, where users can also read the proclamation of Topeka's mayor.

It is worth mentioning that in February, the number one search engine announced its initiative to build experimental, ultra high-speed broadband networks, which would provide access to the Internet at speeds 100 times faster than the ones used today.

According to Google, the envisioned one-gigabit-per-second networks are going to be built in "a small number of trial locations" across the United States.

Communities that would like to participate in the trials of the high-speeds broadband network can express their interest to Google until March 26th. Later this year the company will announce the chosen communities.

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