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The Cay Sofa - Smart Couch that Anticipates User's Movements


A new type of couch has been invented by designer Alexander Rehn. His concept, dubbed Cay Sofa, is able to anticipate the most comfortable position of the person who uses it.

The couch has an initial position that changes when someone sits on it. It smoothly folds or shifts to offer the user the most comfortable position. The Cay Sofa resembles a large origami and the designer did not use any computer or sensors.

The sofa has been wisely constructed of hinges and angled legs, due to which the couch can shapeshift.

In the video below you can see the Cay Sofa in action. It is a great piece of modern furniture for a living room. People, who tested it, found out that after lying down on the couch, the latter guided them towards the most comfortable position, and with each change of position the Cay Sofa anticipated the user's moves suit them.

[via Designboom]

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