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The Future is in the Swimming City


Designed by Andras Gyorfi, "The Swimming City" might as well be an ideal solution for those who seek for adventure out in the ocean. Gyorfi got the $1,000 grand prize at Seastead Design Contest.

The designer's work features a lot of recreational facilities such as a large swimming pool, helicopter pad and outdoor amphitheatre.

The project of the 27-year-old Hungarian graphic designer brings the idea of an eco-conscious lifestyle with its rooftop gardens and delightfully landscaped walking paths. At the bottom of the story you can find links to different information about interesting buildings previously wrote on infoniac.com. The Swimming City has amazing architectural features around ever corner. The windows of the buildings have a variety of shapes and sizes which highlight the uniqueness and originality of the city.

Just like all of the participants in the contest, Gyorfi based his Swimming City on the Seasteading Institute's patent-pending virtual platform. The platform, however, was inspired from the real platform - world's smallest "country," Sealand. For more information visit National Geographic .

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