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The Ideas Regarding the Home of the Future


According to The Future Laboratory, magazine that shows some of the best design and trend ideas from around the globe, the home of the future will include thermo-reflective wallpaper, an indoor biosphere for growing fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, and ultrasonic washing machines that will not require water.

With the help of plastic recyclers, people will be able to transform waste into beautiful dining plates. In addition, people will use filtered rainwater in their showers. In future, designers, who focus on everything green, will pay more attention to the price, developing products that would consume less energy.

The magazine says that by 2030 people will still be living in the same homes, which, however, will have some changes. For example, homes might include "frugal fridges" that will pack in food waste and offer new recipes. In addition, the future home might have kitchens with a self-contained biosphere. In such a kitchen, people will be able to grow fresh products throughout the year. The biosphere will run on household waste, producing fresh hydrogen that could be used to power a vehicle.

In future, houses will feature feedback systems that will inform occupants on the amount of energy they are using.

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