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The Shelter - Nightclub that Was Once Shanghai Bomb Shelter


The Shelter is today one of Shanghai's most popular places among people who are all about being alternative.

What was once a bomb shelter, built (just like many others across Shanghai) in the period between 1960s and 1970s, has been renovated into a beautiful location found in the Xuhui District.

According to officials, around 2,000 shelters have been built decades ago due to the fear of USSR air raids.

As soon as tensions with the USSR subsided, Chinese government decided to lend the shelters out as vegetable markets or massage parlors. Most of them were lost as a result of Shanghai's expansions. However, creative businesspeople managed to turn some of these locations into bars, clubs and shops.

Inside such locations there're always cool temperatures, which surely has its positive effect on electricity bills, since less power is required to store drinks and food. Logically lower costs lead to less expensive night out. This is truly an example of fun sustainable business.

[via Reuters]

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