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Titanic Themed Boutique Hotel to Be Built in Belfast


Recently it has been revealed that there are plans to build a Titanic-themed 5-star boutique hotel in Belfast. The 90-bedroom hotel will replace the old Harland and Wolff HQ of Belfast shipyard, the place where the famous and unfortunate giant ship was created.

Those, who look forward to visit the hotel, will have the possibility to enjoy the same luxury atmosphere that featured on Titanic before the accident.

"Given the enormous global interest in the Titanic and the building's close association with the ship, such a hotel will add to the Northern Ireland tourist experience," stated a spokesman for Titanic Quarter developers.

To build the shipyard's Titanic Quarter for commercial, residential and educational purposes, hundreds of millions of dollars will be required, reports Daily Mail. It is worth mentioning that the hotel would represent a part of the centerpiece Titanic Signature Project that aims towards bringing to life the history of the area. Find more interesting information here at www.InfoNIAC.com - please consider checking the links at the bottom of the story.

During the construction, the Thompson Dock will be restored. In addition, there are plans to restore the slipways where the historical ship and sister ship Olympic were constructed. The main attraction for tourists will be the GBP90 million Titanic Signature building, which will stand at the head of the Titanic slipway. It is expected that the Titanic Signature Project will attract around 400,000 visitors a year.

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