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Toddler Purchased Excavating Digger on Auction Website


A 3-year-old girl accidentally purchased a Kobelco digger on TradeMe auction website for $NZ20,000 (about $US12,000).

The parents of the little Pipi Quinlan, Sarah and Reid Quinlan, of Stanmore Bay north of Auckland, were more than surprised to discover their baby bought a real excavating digger in an online auction.

The toddler woke up earlier than the rest of the family members and decided to play a little with the computer. A few clicks was enough to open the Internet Explorer web browser and enter TradeMe auction site. There was no need to type in the login and password since Pipi's mother had already logged on to the website. A couple more clicks and the girl was the happy owner of an auction that took place on the website, reports The Age.

Pipi's mother Sarah said that the first worries came when she opened her computer and saw an email from the auction website that announced she had won an auction. There was also another email, this time from the seller, who said "I think you'll love this digger".

"It wasn't until I went back and re-read the emails that I saw $NZ20,000, and got the shock of my life. I called my husband Reid over to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I asked him what a Kobelco was and he said 'I think it's an earthmoving digger'," she said.

Her husband said then jokingly: "well you'll have to move the Honda off the driveway to make way for the Kobelco."

The woman instantly called both the auction site and the seller. TradeMe has paid back the seller's costs for listing the digger and the auction. The seller was surely not amused by the incident, but decided to relist the digger once again.

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