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Toilet Flushes Cuts in Prison


New restrictions in Queensland prisons do not allow the inmates to use showers more that three minutes and limit the number of toilet flushes to six a day.

A new state government restrictions introduced into state's prisons regulations are meant to save water. Water wastage in prisons is a big problem in Brisbane and Queensland, Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence said.

The innovative technology will be installed in the showers where water will be turned off automatically after the set time. The toilet flushes went under restrictions too, leaving the prisoners a possibility to have only six flushes a day. The first to test the new system will be the prison at Gatton, west of Brisbane.

Mr. Spence said that there should be a regime in prisons to shorten water wastage. Prisoners spend a lot of time in the shower, often warming the cells at cold nights. They use water unlimitedly.

Nationals MP Rob Messenger also said that there should be restrictions as many prisoners do not feel any.

He claimed that parliament prisoners often have a lot of benefits, like smoking at any place they like, have their prison uniform designed to the way they like and can have puppies for better rehabilitation.

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