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Top 10 Best Ways to Download a Virus


One of our old news has been flooded with comments like "please send me the strongest virus" or "pls send virus to my e mail". There are various reasons for this: some who want to download a computer virus are simply incurably stupid, some want to harm the system of other users and some (like the guy that wrote "I downloaded a virus on purpose once. Just to test my anti-virus software. It didn't go so well by the way") simply want to test the safety level of their computer (which, lets admit, is not really smart as well). We here at decided to help these people. Here are the 10 best tips on how to easily download a virus on your computer.

1. Antivirus

Get rid of it. It is the best way to download a virus. The chances are higher also due to the fact that you won't need to search for a virus, it will surely find you and your system, thus you will download a virus without even knowing about it (isn't it cool?).

2. Infected Websites

Surf as many sites as you like, but there's a high chance to catch a computer virus when you visit porn websites. Note that sites with adult content are quite often the residence of many computer viruses.

3. Download Files You're Not Familiar With

A very easy way to download a virus is to download unknown files and programs from Internet, well simply just because you're curious. Download as much as you like. Note that this is one of the most effective ways to download a virus because in case you forgot to uninstall your anti-virus, the latter would be unable to catch all viruses that you download because a lot of new computer viruses are developed everyday and anti-virus software programs are unable to keep-up with newly developed malware.

4. Email

If you receive a lot of email messages from unknown users, try opening them. Downloading a computer virus via email is quite easy. Even if you have an anti-virus installed it won't be able to continuously catch computer viruses, which means that at least one out of ten viruses will not be detected. All you have to do is download attachments in the email letters.

5. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is just as effective as email. You simply have to download attachments from unknown users or click links that might help you download a virus and this time you will know for sure whether you managed to download a computer virus.

6. Pop-ups

Try clicking pop-up windows and you might get lucky and download a computer virus. This is quite easy and if you get the chance to notice a pop-up window, don't miss it, click it and get infected right away.

7. Disks from Other People

If someone gave you one or more disks, you might have the chance to download a virus. All you need to do is run the disks and disable your anti-virus. You may also ask someone to give your infected software, but it won't be that interesting, will it?

8. File Sharing Websites

If you use file-sharing sites there is a high chance your system is already infected, but in case it's not then continue downloading files, just remember, that the chances of downloading a virus increase if you disable your anti-virus. Some pirating programs could contain viruses, so if you want to download a computer virus you might consider illegally downloading software.

9. Windows OS and IE

If you run Windows OS you already have a better chance of downloading a virus and if you use Internet Explorer, the chances double. It is considered that IE web browser is much less safe than Firefox or Opera. IE combined with disabled anti-virus is a great combination that would help you download a computer virus.

10. Just Ask

You can visit forums and websites where programmers chat. There you can ask nicely if someone could help you download a computer virus. You may also consider insulting some hacker and then your system will surely catch a dangerous computer virus.

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