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Top 10 Craziest Christmas Trees of 2011


It's Christmas time and among all the things that will make your home attractive what could be more important than a Christmas tree? With this in mind a lot of designers, companies and simple enthusiasts attempt to create something special. In this article you'll be able to discover the most incredible, wacky and just out of this world Christmas trees.

1. Christmas Tree Made of Pure Gold

Designed by Ginza Tanaka, a famous jeweler from Tokyo, this magnificent Christmas tree was created using all the knowledge a true jeweler possesses. The Ginza golden Christmas tree is made of pure gold and its cost was estimated to be around $1.95 million. The artificial arbor is 2.4 meters high, and weighs 12 kilograms. It features golden plates and 50 to 60 heart-shaped golden ornaments adorned with ribbon. Tokyo citizens and city's guests will be able to observe the tree until December 25th at Ginza Tanaka's jewelry store.

2. Christmas Tree Made of Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrels

Some of the residents of Lynchberg, Tennessee, who also happen to be the workers at Jack Daniel's Distillery, have raised this incredible Christmas tree using nothing but 140 oak whiskey barrels. They stacked Jack Daniel's barrels on top of each other to form a pyramid and decorated them with holiday lights. It would be interesting to note that each emptied barrel was hand-picked and reused. The Jack Daniel Christmas tree stands at 26 feet tall and it is so far the only structure of its kind in the world. The nice and at the same time somewhat weird Christmas tree is a gift from the famous company to the town of Lynchberg, which is also the center of this year's holiday advertising campaign of the brand. Check out the video below to see how the barrels were selected and stacked up to create the tree.

3. World's Biggest Cardboard Christmas Tree

Recently the British designer Giles Miller has presented his beautiful cardboard Christmas tree. It would be interesting to note that Miller has become popular due to his complex creations made of cardboard. The latest work is 20 feet tall and can be observed in the public atrium of the Design Museum London. To make the tree, the artist used 3,600 hand-made cardboard pieces, each of which has been individually cut. These pieces have been accurately placed around a central pipe to give them a spinning motion. The museum's visitors have the opportunity not only to observe the tree but also purchase its smaller versions that were made using the same technique. It is worth mentioning that the Design Museum has submitted the cardboard Christmas tree to the Guinness Book of World Records to formalize it as the tallest in the world.

4. World's Tallest LEGO Christmas Tree

The biggest Christmas tree made entirely of LEGO pieces has been set at St. Pancras Station, London on November 24th. The structure is made of about 600,000 bricks that were attached to a steel frame that supports the weight of 3 tons. The tree was decorated with 1,000 ornaments.

The author of the 38-feet-high construction is the tree is Duncan Titchmarsh, the UK's certified LEGO specialist, who worked together with his team at Bright Bricks - a firm that focuses on large LEGO projects. The enormously high LEGO tree will be in place until January 2, 2012.

5. Super Social Christmas Tree from Heineken

The Heineken Super Social Christmas Tree will stand from December 17 to 26th in Clarke Quay, Singapore. The structure represents a giant digital art installation standing at more than 11 meters tall and equipped with 48 large LCD screens. Developed by Heineken's agency, Iris Worldwide, the "most social Christmas tree ever created" will display all the messages, photos, animations and music posted by consumers via a Facebook App.

6. Christmas Tree Made of 40,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles

This author of this amazing green Christmas tree is the artist Jolanta Smidtiene. She used 40,000 recycled plastic bottles and zip ties (used to fix the bottles into place) to come up with the structure that can today be observed in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. The artist has been working on various holiday décor designs for the city for the past 3 years.

The town's budget in 2011 has been very restrained, which is why authorities decide to set up a beautiful and original Christmas tree that would not break the bank. Jolanta's work is 42 feet tall and is lit from the inside. The tree's lights beautifully fill the town square. The biggest spheres that sit on the ground have a diameter of 5 feet.

7. Eloise Christmas Tree for Fashionistas

Developed by Betsey Johnson, this "ultra pink" Christmas tree can be seen in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. It was lit up on December 1st. The famous American fashion designer, recognized for her feminine and fanciful designs, decided to come up with such a design for a Christmas tree after being inspired by the cartoon Eloise. Besides looking very girly, the tree has also been decorated with Betsey Johnson jewelry and underwear. At the presentation of the tree everything, starting with the lights and ornaments and finishing with the author herself was covered in pink. The Betsey Johnson Christmas Tree will be in place until January 4th.

8. Christmas Tree Composed of Bears

For almost 20 years Michel Taillis Creation has been manufacturing high-class animated figures in its French workshop. The cute products from the French company are sold around the world and one of the visitors of the Christmasworld 2011, the world's most popular trade fair for festive decorations that takes place in Frankfurt, has posted a video of the Pyramid of Bears created by the famous manufacturing company. All the bears from the pyramid are animated and the structure itself can be consisted of either 6 or 10 bears with the height being 4.60 or 3.60 meters respectively. Watch the video of the animated Christmas tree here. An interview with the company's representative at the Christmasworld 2011 is available here.

9. Huge Godzilla Christmas Tree

The images of this giant Christmas tree made in form of Godzilla were taken by people who visited the somewhat less known Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall. Japanese bloggers have then uploaded the pictures on their websites, but no additional information about the tree has been given.

10. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

This year's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was brought from Mifflinville, Pennsylvania and enriched with 5 miles of lights that will lit until January 7. It is 75-years-old, weights 12 tons and measures 40ft around. But the most interesting about this Christmas tree is the Swarovski star placed on its top. The star was officially presented by the actress Olivia Wilde. The beautiful decoration celebrates the 20th birthday of Swarovski's annual edition Christmas ornament.

It is worth mentioning that the Swarovski star is composed of 25,000 crystals and weights 550 pounds (250 kilograms), including 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of crystal panels. To offer a nice sparkle, the star features 6 large outer rays and 6 smaller inner rays. It would be interesting to note that for the first time the ceremony of setting up a Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center took place 1931. The event was marked by workers who built the Center.

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