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Top 10 Gadget Gifts for Geeky Kids


With a wide range of toys available on the market today, it is difficult to find the toy that would suit your child. In this article we collected some of the most interesting toys launched this year that would surely be highly appreciated by your kids. The list includes toys for children of different ages so please enjoy.

Ducati Motorcycle

If your kid is into sports, and namely motor sports, they'll surely like this thing as a gift. Of course this is not a real Ducati sports bike. This Peg Perego Ducati Monster is a 12V electric motorcycle that your kids will simply love. However, the bike was made using some of the parts that you can find in a real Ducati, including front headlight, horn, engine sounds, and shock absorbers. With this bike your kids will be able to reach a top speed of almost 5mph. For children that are unable to ride a two-wheel bike, the developers created training wheels. This electric motorcycle is available for $470.

Wooden iPhone

Developed for toddlers, this geeky wooden iPhone is the work of Kyle Bean and Thomas Forsyth. Unfortunately this product has not yet hit the market but we can all hope some day it will, since it is a great gift for a toddler. So far it is only an eco-friendly concept featured on the cover of the latest issue of Computer Arts magazine. From the image you can see that each block represents a smartphone application.

New Tamagotchi

This month Bandai announced the launch of a special edition Tamagotchi meant to mark the 15th anniversary of the famous Japanese toy. The special edition is entitled the Tamagotchi ID L (JP), and it includes a color display and various environments through for your digital pet. The gadget can also be linked wirelessly to other Tamagotchis in the area. This will allow the pets to exchange items, date, and even marry each other. The new collection includes 15 male and 17 female characters, and a number of new games. The gadget has the same dimensions as the original, and comes in pink or purple. You can acquire one for $60.

Zombie Attack Barbie

For girls who enjoy zombie movies the Zombie Attack Barbie has been created. The famous doll now has a pink war outfit, a pink camo helmet, a bazooka with 2 rounds, a few grenades, a cricket bat and a Samurai sword. The doll is the work of artist Sarah Anne Langton (who also happens to be a full time geek) and if Mattel considers launching this toy onto the market it would make a lot of kids happy. It would be interesting to note that Langton is a professional designer who worked on projects for EA Games, Forbidden Planet, Sony and a lot of various music events.

Bigtrak XTR R/C Truck

This toy could be used by a grownup too, though a very lazy one since it can be used not only to play around but to bring a remote control or a can of soda for instance. Zeon Tech has developed a truck called Bigtrak XTR that can be operated through an iPhone, iPad or any Android device. Besides, the user can also control the truck via PC or Mac using Bluetooth connection. The toy features a spacious loading bay that can be used to carry various objects (like it was said earlier). Another interesting thing is that the XTR is able to detect when something is added or removed from the bay. The kids would really enjoy the IR gun, adjustable wireless camera and a missile launcher - all of which can be mounted on the truck. Unfortunately this toy will be launch not until 2012 so you won't be able to buy it to your kids as a Christmas gift. Still, when it hits the stores, the Bigtrack XTR has good chances of becoming popular. Check out the video below to see the truck in action. More…

HexBug Larva Robots

One of the newest HexBug robots resembles a larva, the difference being the fact that it is made of plastic and most importantly it is equipped with robotic brains.

Being 3.9 inches long, the small robotic larva can move around on any smooth surface, having its tail wiggling from side to side. As soon as the robot detects an obstacle in its way it instantly changes direction. Kids will simply love these small robots and you can buy them one or more for Christmas.

Max Force Weapons Fire Paper

Instead of bullets these fearsome weapons for kids fire small and harmless paper pellets. The Max Force Maximizer 60 allows the user to fire up to 8 bits of paper ammo simultaneously and at a distance of up to 60 feet.

It would be interesting to note that the moistened paper pellet ammo is developed to break up as soon as it hits the target. This allows the user to hit where they hit. The Shadowhawk 100 is a toy weapon that resembles a sniper rifle. The toy includes a folding stand and a scope for a precise shot. In addition, it can fire paper pellets at a distance of up to 100 feet. The third weapon is called Max Force Blow Gun 35. This one uses the user's breath to fire at 35 feet.

Hopper Blocks

The Hopper Blocks were developed for kids aged 3 and up. Although it does not include any sophisticated mechanisms, lights, sounds and so on, it is a great eco-friendly gift for any child. Tree Hopper Toys is the company that came up with these blocks. It manufactures them in Chicago by making use of sustainably gathered and smoothly sanded hardwood. There are 3 sets of blocks: with 38, 49, and 90 pieces, each set featuring pieces of different sizes. These blocks allow kids to create almost anything they want, being limited just by their imagination.

Foam Dart Rotary Cannon

Another pretty cool non-lethal toy weapon for kids has been launched onto the market this year. The Foam Dart Rotary Cannon can truly be called a bad ass gun. The weapon can shoot at 20 feet, being equipped with a belt fed electric motor. If you have a spacious apartment, house or backyard, your kid(s) will certainly have a lot of fun. At the same time you can buy a gun for yourself, thus you'll be able to play with your offspring(s) in the garden or at home.

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