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Top 10 World's Oldest People


This top 10 list of the oldest living people on the planet includes only verified persons. In the "Extra" section you will be able to find supercetenarians that were not officially verified, but if their age is proven, they may occupy the leading positions in the list. The full official list of over 80 verified supercentenarians can be found on the official website of the Los-Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group, which authenticates claims for the Guinness Book of World Records. Currently there are over 100 known unverified living supercentenarians. The list below includes short stories regarding the world's oldest people with links to additional information on them.

1. Walter Breuning, 114 years, 11 months old

Currently, according to the Gerontology Research Group, Breuning is the oldest man in the world, being 114 years, 11 months, and 18 days (with just about 2 weeks before his 115th birthday).

He was born on September 21, 1896 in the rural Minnesota town of Melrose and in 1918 moved to Great Falls. There he was hired to work for the Great Northern Railway.

Some members of his family, including siblings and grandparents, lived into their 90s and even until 100. His first and only wife was Agnes Twokey. He was married to her for about 35 years until her death in 1922.

The two had no children and Breuning decided never to marry again. More information about him you can find here.

2. Chiyono Hasegawa, 114 years, 3 months old

She is one of the many Japanese centenarians, but the oldest person in the land of the rising sun, being born on November 20, 1896, which makes 114 years, 3 months, and 28 days old.

Last year, on May 2, she was officially declared the oldest verified living Japanese person. Although she is in a wheelchair, Chiyono is in good health and can speak and see.

In addition, she also takes part in recreational activities that are organized in her care home. An official at the care home mentioned that Hasegawa enjoys eating sweets and breads sopped in milk. Find more about her here and here.

3. Venere Pizzinato, 114 years, 3 months old

According to the Los-Angeles-based Gerontology Research Group (GRG), Venere Ires Pizzinato-Papo, who was born on November 23, 1896, is currently the oldest person in Europe, being 114 years, 3 months, and 24 days old. She never had children.

After spending 60 years in Milan she decided to move to Verona in 1959. Currently she lives in a retirement home.

Though she is in a wheelchair Pizzinato is in good mental and physical shape. If you know Italian than click here to read more about her, if not than some additional information you can find in English here.

4. Jiroemon Kimura, 113 years, 11 months old

Mr. Kimura lives in Japan and is the second oldest person in the land of the rising sun.

Born April 19, 1897, he is 113 years, 11 months, and 28 days old. His family includes 7 children, 15 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, and 8 great-great-grandchildren.

Kimura, who currently lives in Kyoto, says that the main things that helped him live for such a long time and remain health conscious are small portions of food. You can find additional data on him here.

5. Ella Schuler, 113 years, 6 months old

The American supercentenarian Ella Frieda Schuler was born on September 5, 1897, which makes her 113 years, 6 months, and 11 days old.

She is the oldest person that lives in the state of Kansas. Today Schuler resides in Topeka at Aldersgate Village Retirement Community.

Her family includes 6 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren. An impressive fact is that she often uses Facebook, and is the world's oldest user of the social network. You can read more about her on Ella's website.

6. Delma Kollar, 113 years, 4 months old

Just like the earlier mentioned American supercentenarian, Delma Kollar, who was born on October 31, 1897, was able to pass through 3 centuries and live through the administration on twenty presidents of the United States.

Kollar managed to outlive all of her husbands, two of her three children and all 5 of her siblings. According to the Gerontology Research Group, Delma is one of the oldest people on the planet, being 113 years, 4 months, and 15 days old.

Her family includes 6 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 10 great-great grandchildren and one great-great-great grandchild. More information about her you can find here.

7. Toshi Horiya, 113 years, 4 months old

Little information is know about Mrs. Toshi Horiya. But it is known that she resides in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan and was born on November 8, 1897, which makes her 113 years, 4 months, and 8 days old. She was registered as the 200th oldest person on record. [via SupercentenarianStudy]

8. Leila Denmark, 113 years, 1 month old

Leila Alice Denmark, M.D. was born on February 1, 1898, which makes her age equal to 113 years, 1 month, and 15 days.

Besides being one of the oldest living people on the planet, the American pediatrician also boasts the title of the oldest practicing pediatrician in the world. Leila decided to retire when she was 103.

She was born in Portal, Georgia, Denmark, and was the 3rd of 12 children born to her parents Elerbee and Alice Cornelia Hendricks Daughtry and is the only one among her siblings who is still living. More information about here you can find here and here.

9. Mathilde Aussant, 113 years old

Born on February 27, 1898, Mathilde Aussant is so far the oldest verified person in France, being 113 years, 0 months, and 20 days old.

She was born in Donges, a commune in the Loire-Atlantique department in western France and was the 5th among 11 children. After her mother died in 1923, she moved to Paris. After her daughter passed away in 2007, she was left without any immediate family.

She currently resides in a retirement home in Moree, a commune in the Loir-et-Cher department of central France. Those who know French can red more about her here.

10. Maria Luiza Nunes da Silva, 112 years, 8 months old

Born on July 7, 1898 in Lisbon, Portugal, Maria Luiza Beires Nunes da Silva is currently the oldest verified living person in her country, being 112 years, 8 months, and 9 days old.

It was reported that she exercises on a daily basis and is in good health, despite the fact that most of the time she is in a wheelchair.

Her family includes 12 grandchildren, 41 great-grandchildren, and 14 great-great-grandchildren. More information about her and other Portuguese supercentenarians you can find here.


Antissa Khvichava, claims to be 130-years old

Although she reported to be 130-years old, and is about to turn 131 this summer, experts doubt that Antissa Khvichava is really that old.

It is worth mentioning that her claims were not officially verified. According to L. Stephen Coles, a co-founder of The Gerontology Research Group, if what the woman says is true than that would mean she gave birth to a son when she was 60.

Georgia's Civil Registry Agency offered the woman's birth certificate that shows she was born in 1880. In addition, the agency has a document from a 1980 special commission that examined Khvichava's age as proof that she is 130.

However, Avtandil Sulaberidze, director of the Institute of Sociology and Demography in Tbilisi, noted that Georgia's official statistics regarding life expectancy, birth rates and death rates became infamous for their incorrectness. This means that the woman's reports can be either falsified or may contain wrong data. For additional information click here.

Juana Rodriguez, claims to be 126-years old

According to Juana Rodriguez, as well as the Cuban Government, she has celebrated her 126th birthday on February 2, 2011. In addition, Rodriguez says that she can prove her age with the proper documents.

The woman has a civil registry revealing that her birthday is February 2, 1885. According to Rodriguez she has spent the biggest part of her life without electricity, running water and medications.

However, despite having all the proper documents, Robert D. Young the Senior Claims Investigator for the Gerontology Research Group does not believe that the age of the Cuban woman is real, saying that the documents she possesses look like the ones issued somewhere in the 1950's.

Still Juana Rodriguez says that she doesn't care whether people believe her or not and it makes no difference whether she gains a Guinness World title or not. You can find more information about Juana Rodriguez here.

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