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Two Fathers Happy Together as Trans-lesbians


Jenny-Anne Bishop and Elen Heart were both husbands and fathers before they met each other. They are now wearing female costumes and live together. They consider themselves to be a "transsexual lesbian" couple.

Due to the fact that sex-change surgery could provoke certain health risks at their age , the couple decided not to undergo it, instead they take female hormones, wear fashionable dresses, lipstick and mascara. They also do their hair.

"Our relationship is hard to define," says Jenny-Anne,62, who was married for 35 years and was known as Paul, before she met Elen, 65, who used to be Alan. Both consider that they received wrong bodies from birth.

"We're not exactly lesbians, but people might use that word. To us we are just two transgender people who love each other."

The couple retired and decided to set up home in Clwyd, Wales. They say that their goal now is to have a civil partnership and spend the rest of their lives together.

"Our children have grown up and we are divorced so it's time for us to be who we really are. Sometimes people call us bloody trannies or stare in a funny ways. Our relationship may be hard to understand because we have male genitalia but we live as a lesbian couple. People sometimes say we're gay men but we don't fit into that category - if you want to define us we're "trans lesbian," says Jenny-Anne.

The two share one bed, they show each other much affection and both confessed that their sex-life is good.

Elen added: "We enjoy each others company and go for lovely walks in the countryside, or do the gardening or housework together."


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