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Unborn Twins Save Mother's Life


A woman suffering from cervical cancer gave birth to twins and they virtually rescued her from tumor in return.

Michelle Stepney, a 35 year-old woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer after she came to the hospital with suspected miscarriage. The constant kicks of the twins in the womb helped to reveal she had a tumor at an early stage. Doctors said that they had noticed a cancer and the woman was advised to terminate pregnancy for cancer treatment. She needed immediate chemotherapy and hysterectomy to fight with tumor.

However, Mrs. Stepney did not agree to termination of the pregnancy as she felt that she was grateful to her babies who helped her discover the cancer by their kicks until it was too late. ''I knew I could have an operation straight away and it would cure me of the cancer, but that would mean getting rid of my babies and I couldn't do that", she said.

The women was treated with reduced chemotherapy to stop spreading cancer during pregnancy. The twins were born healthy, but had no hair as a result of the cancer treatment. Michelle Stepney was nominated or a Woman of Courage award by Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

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